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Beautiful children photos. Cornwall Baby and Child Photographer.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014
Everyone, meet Maja. She came to studio to have her birthday session done plus a few Christmas shots. I had it all set up for her including my gorgeous Santa Sleigh photo prop from Props For Togs. Children loved it during this year's xmas minis. But Maja had another idea. She decided to play catch with her mummy when getting dressed and didn't really like my Sleigh. Didn't want to wear a Santa Hat either. So I just followed her around and apart from some lovely snaps with her parents, I got a few lovely candids.

Baby and Children Photography Cornwall

Baby and Child Photography Cornwall

Newborn, Baby, Maternity Photography in Launceston Cornwall

Wednesday, 3 December 2014
I realized lately I'm all about Christmas as the mini sessions put me in a festive mood :) Don't forget I still do other sessions too ;) Remember to book early enough to avoid disappointment. January is almost full and February start filling up with newborns, birthdays and bump sessions. To book, go to:
Newborn, baby and bump photography in Cornwall and Devon area

"Baby it's cold outside!" Winter and Christmas sessions in Cornwall.

Monday, 1 December 2014
I have been very busy with this year's Christmas and Winter theme sessions. With a beautiful Santa Sleigh and many different set ups, clients had a lot to choose from :) I enjoyed every bit of it and I hope you all did too! It's been fun. Although this year's mini sessions were supposed to last only throughout the whole November, to give you plenty of time to order your Christmas cards and other personalized gifts, I'm still getting emails and late enquiries. I promise to respond to all of them as soon as I can.

Christmas Newborn, Baby and Family Sessions 2014

Monday, 20 October 2014
I got so caught with work, I've only just realized it is time to start booking this year's Christmas Mini Sessions. Yay! This year we'll keep them going only through November, to give you all enough time to use those gorgeous images to create beautiful gifts and Xmas cards for your family and friends. There will be a few set ups to choose from and a few props such as Santa sleigh, a sledge, a star and fake snow (as last year it was a hit!).

Ice Queen inspired beautiful photo sessions

Saturday, 28 June 2014
Somehow people are going crazy about the new Disney movie - "Frozen". I had many requests for minis in that theme. Finally got my things together and here it is:)
To book your "Frozen" Elsa or Ana inspired mini session, book now:

"Frozen" Elsa inspired photo session Launceston Cornwall, Plymouth Devon

Bronze Bar Winner - Award Winning Photographer in Launceston Cornwall & Devon

Monday, 23 June 2014
Very proud to announce, after entering "The Guild of Photographers Image of the month competition", I have been awarded a Bronze Bar. I am very pleased my results and the feedback I have received:)
Thank you to beautiful little Jasmine and her dad! I work hard and keep getting qualified in so many levels, to be able to provide you with a true work of art you will be proud to display and show to your family and friends.
Award Winning Newborn Baby Photographer Launceston Cornwall & Devon
Award Winning Newborn Baby Photographer Launceston Cornwall & Devon

Best Newborn Photographers Launceston Cornwall

Saturday, 7 June 2014
I'm proud to announce I am now one of the Best Newborn Photographers! Big Thank You to all my Clients who helped me fulfill my dream. Thank you for booking me, thank you for your kind words and for your orders. They are the best compliment a photographer can get. I also want to let you know I keep improving my skills, keep discovering new techniques to offer you the best quality images. Every single image is equally important and I always do my best to perfect every detail, so you can, with pride, hang them in your home and keep in your family for generations. This is my main purpose, to capture for you this evanescent emotion and help you to recall the feeling every time you look at my image:)

Cake Smash Session Special

Thursday, 29 May 2014
We tend to throw huge birthday parties to our children with many people, presents, balloons and of course a massive cake:) Nothing wrong with that! I did that to my children too. Although, the first birthday is a bit overwhelming for the little ones, the crowd and noise, they can't really blow the candle yet. The biggest fun is ripping paper off the presents. Now, the Birthday Cake Smash session is all about the fun. They have the whole cake for themselves and they can smash it, toss it, sit on it and of course eat it. They're allowed to get dirty:) And this is so much fun! The experience with their first birthday cake is just priceless. Why not have it documented in a form of a story board or a collage on your wall or a desk at work? Why not capture the giggles, funny faces and the dirty toes and keep this memory forever?
Visit for more details or go to: to book your session.
Newborn, Baby, Pregnancy Photography Launceston, Plymouth and all Cornwall and Devon area

New Studio

Friday, 16 May 2014
As many of you know, I was mostly doing work on location. Nothing wrong with that. Most famous newborn photographers started by doing only on location shoots. I don't mind going to client's home and set it all up in there:) but some of you live in a studio or own a very small living room and sometimes it is awkward to move the furniture around. To save you all the hassle, I decided it will be best to dedicate some space and create my own studio. I couldn't be more pleased with it! Now I'm all set up and ready at all times:) Here is a little preview. You are welcome to stop by;)
To book your session, simply fill in the Booking Form.

Props for Newborn and Child Photography

Tuesday, 4 March 2014
We've recently added a larger version of our moon to the collection. This one measures 3ft high and 11" deep. That makes it more versatile and suitable for older children. This little diva was very comfy and safe:) Although I wish she gave us a tiny smile :D
{Processed with Bright and Clean Newborn Photoshop Action Set available in store. Link below}
You can get the moon here:

Large Wooden Moon Newborn and Child Photography Prop {processed with Bright and Clean Newborn Action Set}

Wooden Plane Newborn Photography Prop

Saturday, 1 February 2014
Available to order from the shop since February 2014!

Gorgeous Wooden Plane, the cute Aviator Hat is also available in store.

Go to:

Wooden Plane Newborn Photography Prop UK Wooden Plane Newborn Photography Prop UK

Wooden Moon Newborn Photography Prop

I think you all agree, there is nothing cuter than a tiny baby curled up and asleep in one of these:)

Now you can get the wooden moon photography prop here in the UK!

Go to:

Available in white and ivory.

Wooden Moon Newborn Photography Prop UK Wooden Moon Newborn Photography Prop UK
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